A Cousin Found

I posted several days ago that it was time to reach out and see if I could find any “cousins” out there who might be willing and able to help.  To do that, I had to try to find someone who I have in my Tree, and who is still alive.  That is the trick.  In order to be in the Tree, the had to be born before 1930.  That makes them at least 79 years old.

Well, in looking back through the “children” in my Tree, I came across Richard E. Walker.  Richard Walker was born in 1927.  He was the son of Rena Lamothe and John Walker.  Rena, of course, was the sister of Napoleon Lamothe who was my great grand father.  This makes Richard a first cousin to my grandfather.

I looked the name “Richard Walker” up online and, to my surprise, I found a “Richard E Walker” living in Worcester, MA — exactly where the family had been in 1930.  Moreover, his age was listed as 65+ !  I wrote a letter to Mr Walker introducing myself and listing a couple of his family members and asking if he was the same Richard Walker as I have in my Tree.  I sent the letter off a few days ago not really expecting too much.  I anticipated having to send 4 or 5 letters to get a response.

Much to my surprise, I received a telephone call from Mr Walker Sunday during halftime of the Patriots game!  It turns out he IS the same Richard Walker and he has been trying to trace his family tree for many years – even going so far as hiring a professional genealogist some years back.

We spoke for 10 or 15 minutes (he wanted to get back to the Pats game after halftime!) and I promised to print up what I had discovered of his Tree on both sides, send it to him, and ask him to fill in what he knew.  It turns out that I went back one generation further than his research (thanks to the Internet) so we both stand to learn something.  He knew most of Rena and her sisters, who I can not track because when they get married their names change.  This could be a huge source for both of us.  Im very excited!

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