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Looking for Cousins

Monday, November 30th, 2009

It seems I’ve about exhausted the resources and memories of the people I’m in direct contact with in terms of the Family Tree.  It is time to start looking for cousins: second, third and more.  It seems extremely likely that someone else in the family has an interest in the Tree so it should be just a matter of contacting them.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? LOL  We’ll see!

Brady Cousins Found!

Saturday, November 14th, 2009

After the passing of our Mom and Dad, my sister was left with the task of going through their papers.  One of the goals we had was for her to try and track down the results of the work my folks did when they went to Ireland back in the late 1980s.  Mom was trying to gather enough documentation to prove either of her grandparents (Big Tim Crowley and Teresa Brady) had been born in Ireland.  Only by showing that she was no more than 2 generations removed could she meet the legal requirements for someone to own land in Ireland.  That was a goal my folks had.  It took almost their entire trip (I hesitate to call it a vacation) but they found the church where Mom’s grandmother had been baptised.  That enabled them to obtain her birth certificate.

My sister, Mary, found it!


Having this enabled me to show definitively that one Emma O’Gara and her mother, Genevieve Carr, are great nieces of Teresa Brady!  I’ve sent them a copy of the birth certificate and they confirm the names, dates, and places and that “our” Teresa Brady is “their” Teresa Brady!

Emma had a baby boy 3 weeks ago, so it may take a while for her to get enough free time to answer all the questions we have.  In the meantime, I’ve asked the Crowley Cousins for any stories related to them by their parents about Teresa.  Emma and Mrs Carr are as curious about Teresa in the US as we are about her in Ireland.

Im hoping this will be the beginning of a robust correspondence between us.  Perhaps even a couple of the other cousins will take part.  That would be wonderful.

A Contact from Across the Pond

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

I found a web site that specializes in family trees in Great Britain and uploaded my Tree there.  I was hoping for some help in the Crowley part of the Tree.  So far nothing there.  However, I have received several contacts from people who have one or more Lamont’s in their Tree.  No one has matched there yet either.

And then yesterday I got an email from someone who has Barbara Loose in their Tree and found her in mine also.  Well, I wrote back to them (after I looked up Barbara in my own Tree – the name was completely unknown to me).  It turns out my Dad’s Uncle Joe had married a Barbara Loose while he was stationed in England during World War 2.  The person who emailed was her nephew!  He actually had been to visit the two of them while they were living in California in the early 1990s.  Amazing!

He’s got lots of family info on Barbara and I am going to grab and add it to my Tree.

Now I have something to tell Auntie Mary when I go visit her! LOL

These pictures were taken while Uncle Joe was stationed in England.  Aunt Barbara worked for the Red Cross during the war.  Uncle Joe was my Dad’s favorite on that side of the family.  I remember meeting him when I was 10 or 11.  He and Aunt Barbara came to RI from CA to visit the family.  He was a big guy, tall and it was easy to see that he had been powerfully built in his prime.  Deep voice and the absolute nicest guy. 

 Aunt Barbara passed away in October of 1999.  Uncle Joe followed in March of 2000.  Funny how that happens.