Timothy Crowley and Theresa Brady

In going through some of Mom’s things, Mary came across these pictures of Timothy Crowley, my great grandfather.

The first is of him taken on his wedding day, April 24, 1913.
Timothy J Crowley, Sr

This one was taken years later, obviously, and shows him in his police uniform.  I don’t know yet what the numbers on the uniform mean.  I am hoping the Providence Police can help me with that.
Tim Crowley in uniform

This is his wedding photo, with Theresa Brady, and was given to me by Mom’s cousin Ann Marie.
Theresa Brady and Timothy Crowley

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  1. Tim says:

    Just learned his nickname was “Big Tim Crowley.” Not sure how tall he was, but people were shorter then. Also, the number on his hat band was his badge number (316) and the number on his collar was likely his precinct. Thanks to Lt Alfred Zonfrilli, Providence Police, for that.

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