More on Joseph T Lamont

One of the people about whom I’ve learned the most, and at the same time the least, is Joseph Lamont.  I know a lot more now about how he was killed.  I have a copy of the official accident report.  Eye witness descriptions, aircraft information, and crew information are all included.

I’ve met a few people who have helped immensely.  I hope they do not mind me mentioning their names – I will not disclose their contact information, just thank them for all the help and information they’ve shared with me.

Ken Arnold, who is web master of a site dedicated to a number of 549th members. is dedicated to Earl Tigner, a compatriot of Joseph Lamont.  Ken has offered to set up a page for Joseph, but there isnt a whole lot I can add to the information in the accident report.

Max Tomassini’s, father-in-law was Earl Kovara, another member of the 549th on Iwo Jima.  MAx has found proof that Joseph Lamont and 8 other members of the 549th were awarded Bronze Stars for their roles in the ground fighting on Iwo Jima.  Max has over 150 photos taken by his father-in-law and has sent them to me for examination.  He has put me in touch with a couple of people who may yet be instrumental in shedding more light on Joseph as a person.

I’ve been in touch with the current commanding officer of the 549th Combat Training Squadron (the current incarnation of the 549th), Lt Col. Ron “Rat” Hanselman, and his executive officer, Maj Misty “Shark” Sorensen.  Col Hanselman has gone to the extent of appointing a squadron historian to put together as much of the history of the 549th as possible.

I have been continually amazed and gratified that there are so many, many people who have made it their business to preserve the legacy and memories of men like my great uncle.

I will write more on this topic later.  For now, on to update other topics.

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