An Unknown Great Uncle

Another letter received from Auntie Mary, and another intriguing lead.

It seems her father, Paul Alfred Lamont, used to refer to an “Uncle Al.”  The only name she knew for uncle Al were his initials: A. F. Lamont.  The only thing Aunty knew about uncle Al was that he had a son who was killed during WW2 near Iwo Jima.  Aunty said, “His mother was listed, not his father.  Perhaps his father was dead.”

OK, so I did some research on casualties of WW2 from Rhode Island and found one Joseph T. Lamont.  He was a second lieutenant in the 549th Night Fighter Squadron.  He is listed as having received an Air Medal and a Purple Heart but as being Killed in Action July 17, 1945.  This date is about 4 months after the battle of Iwo Jima, but the 549th Squadron was active in the region before and after the actual battle.  I need to find a source to get a copy of the incident report of his death.

I can find no birth record of a Joseph T Lamont in Rhode Island.  However, on Alphonse’s draft registration card for WW2, he lists a Jane Lamont as his wife.  It is entirely possible that after Annie’s death, Alphonse got married to this Jane and had a son.  Even if this took place after 1923, the son would have been old enough to fight in WW2.

This bears much closer investigation and is yet another line I need to follow.

I think I am going to try to make an arrangement to go visit Auntie Mary and bring a recorder and digital camera.  It seems every time we communicate, I find new leads worth following!

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