Moses Orcutt, veteran of the Revolutionary War

The info Auntie Mary gave me has enabled me to make leaps and bounds of progress on the Orcutt branch of the Tree.  The reason for this is that the Orcutts have lived in Abington and Weymouth, MA for over 200 years!  Tracing them back through the US Censuses was a fairly simple matter.

Of course, the farther back one goes, two things become clear.  First, that the Census was, at first, just a mechanism to enumerate just (male) heads of households – everyone else was just counted (not named).  Second, the further back one traces their roots, the more likely one is to find some other Tree which overlaps.  This is what happened to me.  I found 8 or 9 Trees which overlapped the Orcutt branch.

Now, this has some perils of its own.  For example, if someone else made a mistake, just adding their info to my Tree means I have done nothing more than duplicating that mistake.  So, while finding overlapping Trees is good, it does not mean just “click and go” on to the next.  It means click and check, confirm then go.

Either way, it is pretty neat to think that in one fell swoop, my collective ancestors went from “late 19th century immigrants” to “late 19th century immigrants except for one branch who fought in the American Revolution!”  If I was a female, I would be a Daughter of the American Revolution!  Nice!

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