Aunty Mary Comes Through!

I received an Express Mail package from my Aunt Mary (my father’s sister) a couple of days ago.  She is 80 and the oldest surviving member of my paternal side.  I had written to her a few weeks ago outlining what I had found so far and asking if she knew the answers to any of the “mysteries” still outstanding.  She had replied right away with a short note saying she’d write back when she had more to give me.  I didnt hold out too much hope.

Shame on me!  The package she sent contained 6 pages of handwritten, hand drawn family tree data including Frank Orcutt’s mother’s maiden name!  This bit of knowledge, along with a heaping dose of matches on let me trace the Orcutt line back to Revolutionary times!  Apparently, the Orcutts are a very old family in Massachusetts in the towns of Weymouth and Abington.

I havent finished transcribing all the information she gave me but when I do I’ll print it out and send her a Family Tree so she can see the fruits of her hard work.  Thank you Aunty Mary!!

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