More matches and a response

As I go through the files sent to me detailing the Pichette and Corneau ancestry, I post more and more people to the web site at  The site generated a number of “matches” between my people and those on other family trees.  Well, I wrote to several people and got my first response!

Robert St-Gelais wrote back offering to add some names to my tree!

As soon as I reply to him and have some results, I will post again.

To be honest, I am surprised at how helpful the genealogical world is.  Now that I have done some work and am getting into it a bit more, I feel like I’m part of a group, part of a special set of people.  Not exactly like co-workers, more of a sense of belonging.  Like being a Freemason, or joining the Irish-American Club in a town gives one a sense of auto-acceptance, so does finding someone who is interested in genealogy.  Interesting.  And unexpected.

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