My first “Smart Match”!

I had been going through the file given to me regarding Godfrey Pichette’s forebears and entering the first few into the family tree web site (  I had just entered Rose Godin and Louis Pichette (Godfrey’s grandparents) when the site notified me that names I had entered matched names in someone else’s tree!  WooHoo!  The first potential chance to link my work to that of someone else.

Some were obviously not the same person – though named the same, the dates were off by 150 years or so.  But in three cases, it is possible that “my” Rose Godin and Louis Pichette are the same as theirs.

I’ve written to all three offering to share what I have about Rose and Louis’s history and will be anxiously awaiting their replies.  I should note, though, that a couple of them dont have any recorded activity on the site in some months.  I do not know how long it will take to get a response.

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