A Little Break but Progress Back to 1600

I know it’s been a bit since my last update but that is more a testimony to my laziness than to the amount of progress during the month.

I took a day and went to Rhode Island to stop in at the Archives.  I should have done a bit more homework because what I had been looking for were 5 marriage records.  I was only able to find 1 of them because the others were “too new” – having taken place fewer than 100 years ago.  Oh well.

Still, I found the marriage record of Godfroi Pichette and Genevieve Corneau.  These were the parents of Rosanna, as you recall.  Godfroi and Genevieve were married on February 13, 1888.  The record of their marriage lists their respective parents – and that was my target in heading down there.  Godfroi’s parents were Amable and Suzanne.  Genevieve’s parents were Narcisse and Marceline.

The reason this was so important is that it tied Godfroi to a genealogical history I had been sent by someone who had contacted my at www.Ancestry.com.  That file will let me trace this branch of the tree back to the early 1600s!!

 Mission accomplished!

Now, to continue work on the other branches.  Missions never end LOL

After I parse the file, I will be adding the people to the Family Tree on My Heritage.

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